301 Metcalfe
Street Second floor
Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1R9


My approach to counselling is to collaboratively develop a safe environment with each individual that promotes the possibility for wellness, growth and change.

My role is to assist the person to increase his or her autonomy through empathic interpretations and responsiveness by exploring his or her individual experience, while tending to the related emotional experience.

The primary emphasis is on supporting each individual as he or she explores and understands their emotions as it relates to his or her actions so as to better cope with stress, develop or enhance self-esteem, pursue personal and professional ambitions, and enjoy fulfilling relationships with self and others.

With respect to couple counselling, couples can learn to recognize and mend unhealthy interaction patterns, so as to revitalize their commitment to one another, while simultaneously rediscovering the love, care and support that initially drew them together.